Medical Record Management For Law Firms

Fully automated retrieval of a complete and accurate medical history. Chronological, summarized, and interactive.

Elevate Your Firm With Our Comprehensive Platform

Our HIPAA compliant platform does not just request, summarize, and organize medical records, it provides a secure platform that facilitates communication and record review that makes medical information accessible and easy to understand.

What's Included?

Medical Record Retrieval

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Knownpoint offers proven strategies for retrieving medical records for lawyers and proactively follows through on records requests for your personal injury cases. Stay informed with 24/7 access to records retrieval status. We cut out the clutter by removing duplicates, blank pages, and cover sheets. We know that time is important in the legal field, so we promise to:

  • Prepare all necessary paperwork
  • Send HIPAA compliant record requests to your client’s medical facility
  • Provide frequent updates throughout the process until your client’s records are in hand
  • Keep you informed every step of the way
  • Review and download your client’s records through our secure, encrypted system
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Indexing and Chronologies

At Knownpoint, we believe in making information intuitive and more readily understandable. That is why our service allows you to compile a record of medical events presented in chronological order. Creating an accurate, concise medical record chronology as part of a review of medical records can be challenging. With our service, we will help you to:

  • Save time and money by streamlining your expert's medical records review
  • Easily identify providers, facilities, timelines and other details crucial to your case
  • Access relevant records in a single click from your medical chronology
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Extract High Value Information

Medical summaries form the essence for resolution of personal injury cases. They describe the accident, the mechanism of injury, and the immediate care provided at the scene and in the emergency room in a summarized form. Records of hospital stay and subsequent treatment by the physicians are summarized. By organizing these medical records and their summaries, we can help you to decrease review time by 25% to 40%.

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Share with Experts, Opposing Counsel, and Insurance Companies

The medical privacy of your client is always of the utmost importance in a personal injury case. However, parsing the documents to know what needs to be shared with opposing counsel and expert witnesses can be daunting when your case already requires so much of your time and focus.

Knownpoint's HIPAA compliant system helps you to easily managed what information is shared with various parties. Our service is intuitive and keeps you and your clients fully informed at all times. (

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How long does it take to get medical records?

This depends on the responsiveness of the medical facility. Certain jurisdictions have laws in place that set a maximum turnaround time…

What type of records can Knownpoint retrieve?

We retrieve all types of records needed for your case: Medical & Billing, Physician Bills, Certified Documents, Pathology, Pharmacy…

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