About Us

We believe that medical information systems should make it easy to receive optimal medical care

Jeremy Corson


Jeremy Corson has been a full-stack software engineer and technical team leader for the past 13 years, working extensively in government and the insurance industry. His principle passion, however, is developing products that measurably improve the lives of patients. For the past 8 years he has provided innovative solutions to the regulated medical industry, leveraging the latest in serverless technologies. This, combined with his considerable background in a diverse array of programming languages and databases, make him a powerful and agile leader in our mission.

Daniel Lampignano


Dr. Daniel Lampignano is a board certified psychiatrist and practicing physician. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Colorado and a masters degree at Dartmouth College, studying biostatistics and systems design with an eye towards effecting real-time quality improvement in health care delivery systems. Dr. Lampignano has served on numerous hospital and health care system-wide improvement initiatives addressing topics as diverse as antibiotic stewardship to cost-effective interventions for acute agitation in psychotic patients.


Jeremy and Daniel met in 2012 while serving together on a Search and Rescue team. Together, they have over 25 years of experience as canine handlers and search managers in the rescue and recovery of lost persons. It was through this experience that they recognized in each other a drive to prioritize the wellbeing of others and to seek out opportunities to work towards the greater good. In 2016, they began to explore such opportunities in the medical field with a goal of bringing unique perspectives to common and significant patient and provider problems. As they developed ever-more refined technological solutions, Jeremy and Daniel decided to form Known Point Technologies in January of 2020 with a vision of positively affecting care for every patient, everywhere.

How it started

Knownpoint was founded on the simple idea that medical information systems should make it easy to receive optimal medical care. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have become the standard in healthcare delivery across the country. Despite this important advancement, delays in effective care still occur.

The reasons are many. EMRs serve not only patient care needs but also billing operations and liability protection. Many patients also have more than one medical chart because they have received medical care from more than one healthcare system. The result is medical information that is often both unnecessary and incomplete, in turn leading to hours of wasted time, longer hospital stays and higher complication rates.

We at Knownpoint believe there is a better way. By combining real world experience in patient care and innovative digital technologies, we help EMRs work as they should, with instantly accessible, easily understandable, and highly valuable information in every medical encounter.